We believe the differences in our opinions and diversity of our cultures and customs among our students and staff challenge
each of us to better understand those around us. This often difficult process increases our understanding and acceptance of
others and makes us stronger citizens, more compassionate learners, and more effective future leaders in our community and
the world.

In this regard, we at Columbia College welcome, value, celebrate, and respect individuals of all races, ethnicity, gender, age,
disability, sexual orientation, and religion. We are committed to treating all persons with dignity and respect in an honest, open,
fair and friendly manner.

We are committed to the highest standards of civility and decency toward all. We are committed to promoting and supporting
a learning community where all people can learn and work together in a safe and secure atmosphere free of fear, bias,
discrimination and other negative treatment.

We affirm the right to freedom of thought and expression of opinion within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity, responsibility,
and respect to others with different views.

We seek to foster understanding and respect among individuals and groups through education and constructive approaches
for resolving misunderstandings and conflict.

We are committed to the laws of our country and to the development and enforcement of policies, programs, and practices that
promote the fulfillment of these principles.