At Columbia College your success is our success. That is why our Student Services professionals are here to help you get the most out of your experience at Columbia College. We do this by providing the essential resources to help you apply, enter the College, complete your education and move forward with your life.

Assessment and Testing Services

For information on Columbia College’s Testing and Assessment Services, please click here.

Advising Services

Initially, you may receive basic program information from a Prospect Advisor whose job is to provide new clients with this information. This advisor will book you an entry assessment. Once the assessment results are back you will receive a call from a program Admission Advisor who will guide you throughout the remainder of the entry process. This advisor will also be your Financial Advisor (Paying for your Education) and help you to apply for financial assistance through provincial and federal government student loans and grants. Bursary and scholarship information is also made available to you. These advising services assist you in decision-making by providing timely and accurate information, as well as, help you to understand College policies which directly affect your academic success. In most cases you will only see one Admission Advisor who personally looks after your program and financial needs. This simplifies the process of getting into and completing college.

Learning Support Services

Learning Strategist Support: Students can ask to see a Learning Strategist who is trained in assisting students to select appropriate academic strategies, to individualize their approaches to learning, and to provide guidance in improving student academic performance. All students have different learning styles and each student requires individualized study and learning strategies. Most adults who return to school usually try to study the way they once did in high school. This is often not the best way or the methods do not work in an accelerated learning environment. Please don’t wait until you have not done well on a number of tests or assignments before seeking help. Contact and ask for assistance or request an appointment at Bldg. 802-Administration office.

Learning Services Office: This Office manages the various learning needs of students from scheduling assessments. If you have a question regarding your learning needs, please ask for this professional in 802-122.

Achieving Success Workshops: Students can take part in information sessions on such topics as study skills, test taking, managing exam stress, time management, and on writing term papers. Check the dates and times of these workshops on the Student Services Board located in Bldg. 802 by the Administration Office. This information is periodically updated.

College Skills for Success Course: All students entering professional programs are required to take this credit course prior to starting their professional program. The College Skills for Success course prepares students for learning in an accelerated environment. Your college education is a considerable investment of money and changes to your life style. You will be balancing many things – school, home, assignments, practicum, work, etc. Prepare yourself by going to this course with the intention of getting everything you can from it. Your motivation is a critical piece of being successful.

During this course, students will determine their learning style and learn what study strategies would be most effective for them to use. Don’t assume that you already know how to study. You will be coping with increased workloads and high academic expectations. You are learning not only to achieve good grades, but learning important information, developing higher order critical thinking skills and learning how to be self-regulated in order to reach your dream job and to keep it once you have it. Some of the topics included are memorization strategies, tips on managing stress, test taking, note taking and time management (procrastination issues). There are daily quizzes and a final exam that simulate the types of tests and final exam you will experience in your program. Learn how to become a Master Student! Remember – You are taking an accelerated program and this requires using different study techniques and planning for success than if you were in a traditional institution.

Students will also begin their first introduction to creating a resume for their practicum placements. Follow up to this beginning session will occur after the orientation session. It is compulsory that all students complete a current, well formatted resume prior to practicum search.

You will need to pick up the following textbook. The cost is included in your tuition fee. You must have paid your registration fee to receive the textbook.
Keys to Success: Building Analystical, Creative, and Practical Skills (Sixth Canadian Edition). Toronto: Pearson Education Inc.
Carter, A., Bishop, J., Lyman Kravits, S., & Maurin, P. ; ISBN: 978-0-13-290548-0.

Tutoring: If Pre-career students need extra assistance, they may attend also drop-in tutoring. Hours of drop-in tutoring are listed on the Student Services Bulletin Board in Bldg. 802. Students may also contact the tutor, Jocelyne, at 403-235-9300 ext 342 or see her at her office in building 802 – 131.

Professional Program students: Tutoring is also available for students in professional programs on as needed basis. If you think you require tutoring, please speak to your Department Chair/Director about your needs.

APA Workshop Resources


Textbooks may be picked up at the Bookstore located in Bldg. 802-122. during regular Administration Office hours. For inquiries about textbooks email:

Beginning August 1, 2015 books will be included in the student’s fees and all students will receive books from the College ready for each semester.

Bookstore Services

To learn more about the Bookstore Services, click here.

Career Services

To learn more about the Career Services, click here.

Personal Support Services

Counselling Services
Our Career Advisors provide short-term counselling support and referrals to outside resources for those students who may need long-term counselling. We have Career Advisors who are especially trained in Life Coaching. Coaching can help you with general or specific situations, relationships, and challenges that require a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be. If you require any assistance in this area, please contact Career Services at or call 403-235-9300 for an appointment.

Accessibility Services
For information on our Accessibility Services, please click here.

Employment Services

For more information on Employment Services, see the Career Services page.

Graduate Student Services

For more information on Graduate Student Services, see the Career Services page.

New Student Orientation

Learn how to be successful in College!

Both pre-career and professional program students have compulsory orientation sessions that answer many questions and prepare students to be successful in their programs. Orientation sessions are held approximately one or two weeks before classes start. Your Admission Advisor will give you the date of your session. All students receive information on the changes they will face as college students and tips on being successful in their chosen program. There are also program orientations where students meet with their Department Chair/Director/Coordinator. International Students will also have a special “Meet & Greet” session with the International Student Advisors.

Personal Support Services – Helpful Resources

If you are uncertain of what to do, please contact Career Services and we will provide you with support and guidance.

Street Survival
This directory provides a wide range of information and services regarding such topics as housing, addictions, food, literacy, etc. You can also pick up a hardcopy of this resource from Bldg. 802-Administration.

InformAlberta –
This directory provides community, health, social, and government services information across the province.

City of Calgary Community & Neighbourhood Services –
This directory includes social services and recreational opportunities.

Call: 2-1-1
Connects you to hundreds of agencies and organizations dedicated to help people in crisis.

Calgary Food Bank
Hamper Request Line 403-253-2055
5000 11th Street, SE

Distress Centre –
24 hour crisis line – 403-266-4357 (HELP)
There is free professional counselling. All counsellors are Registered Social Workers.
24 hour Suicide Prevention Line – 1-800-784-2433 (SUICIDE)
300-1010 Eight Avenue, SW

Dial 8-1-1 for 24 hr. health information and advice

Women’s Centre
Safe place for women to talk to someone and get information on services.
646 First Ave. N.E.

Wood’s Homes
Community Resource Team (24 hr.) 403-299-9699; Toll free – 1-800-563-6106 – Crisis intervention and support within communities, homes and schools.

Student Identification Cards

All students must have Student Identification Card. These are available from the Bookstore. Students generally come with their class to have Student IDs taken. If an individual student requires one and was unable to attend the group session, please see the Bookstore.