The success section of the Columbia College Calgary website has been created to post a wide range of documents designed to assist you in your desire to be successful, regardless of who you are, the position you hold or are aspiring to hold, or your career goals.

While each of us desires to find and experience success at work, we tend to experience a full array of challenges along the way. Many of these challenges will be new to us, some will be complex, however most will involve interactions with a wide variety of unique individuals. We need to acquire new knowledge and develop new skills on an ongoing basis that when applied appropriately will contribute to our success working effectively with others.

To achieve real success as an individual, as an organization (for-profit or non-profit), or even as a government first requires a clear understanding of who you are working with and your ability to identify their needs. They may be referred to as clients, patients, students, the electorate, or fellow team members. These individuals may also be referred to as internal or external customers. Next, you need to clearly understand their changing needs. Finally, you need to do all that you genuinely can to help them succeed. As a result, when they experience success, so will you. However when they fail, you do too. It is just that simple. In essence, the more you help others to succeed, the more you succeed.

Your path to success will be filled with a vast array of experiences that will range from elation to exhaustion. Learn from all of your experiences. This will help make you stronger.

These documents will hopefully broaden your perceptions, deepen your understanding, strengthen your knowledge/skills, and therefore increase your opportunity to experience success. Work hard but also have lots of fun as you travel along your road to success!

Professional Behaviour and Winning Attitudes

Managing Self/Others And Leadership We All Share

Job Search Tips

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