Computer and Laptop Specifications: Recommended Standards

Ensuring Appropriate Computer and Laptop Standards for Columbia College Students

As a leading institution committed to providing the best educational experience for our students, Columbia College places great emphasis on technology integration in the learning process. To achieve this, we require all students to have a computer or a laptop that meets the specific requirements of their chosen programs before the beginning of classes.

Having access to personal computing devices is essential for seamless academic engagement at Columbia College. Whether you’re attending in-person classes or participating in virtual components of your courses, a reliable computer or laptop is indispensable for academic success.

For students attending in-person classes, bringing your own computer or laptop to campus is highly encouraged. This ensures that you have all the necessary tools and resources readily available during lectures, group discussions, and lab sessions. The convenience of having your device also allows for easy access to digital resources, online research, and collaborative projects.

Moreover, for students enrolled in programs that incorporate virtual components, additional equipment is required to facilitate online learning effectively. A computer camera, microphone, and speakers, whether integrated or external, become essential to enable seamless interactions with instructors and fellow students in virtual classrooms. These features contribute significantly to the overall online learning experience and promote meaningful engagement in remote academic activities.

In the realm of online learning, a reliable internet connection plays a critical role in ensuring uninterrupted participation and smooth access to course materials. At Columbia College, we understand the importance of a stable and high-speed internet connection for remote learning success. Therefore, we recommend that students assess their internet service plans to meet specific bandwidth and data requirements.

Recommended internet speeds for optimal online learning experience are as follows:

  • Download speed: 25 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 3 Mbps

Prior to the start of classes, we encourage all students to do the bandwidth speed test. By conducting this simple test, you can ensure that your internet connection aligns with the recommended standards, allowing you to navigate virtual classes without disruptions or delays.

Standard hardware and software

Standards Hardware Software
Processor intel i3 / AMD ryzen 3 or greater Windows 10 or newer, Pro 64-bit
RAM (memory) 8 GB RAM or greater
Hard drive storage 256 GB SSD or greater
Video card On-board integrated
Screen size 15″ or greater
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 or greater

Please Note: Chromebook is not recommended as you will not have full access to the features on Microsoft Teams