We are actively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring to follow directions from the Government and focus on the safety of all of us. This page will be updated frequently so please check back to review the most current information.

Thank you to all of our students, staff, faculty, and community. We have seen a lot of change since March 2020 and are all trying to find our balance. We are proud that our faculty and staff have been flexible and innovative and our students have been patient and motivated to begin or continue their education.

As always, Columbia College strives to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, staff, faculty, and community. We will continue to provide the best education and support that we are able to, whether it be in person or at a distance.

Jun2 20, 2022 Update

In response to the recent directives from the province and the the city of Calgary, please note the following:
Columbia College Capacity Restrictions College has lifted campus capacity restrictions.
Columbia College Campus Face Coverings Protocol Masks are no longer required, but we ask everyone to be respectful to anyone that chooses to wear or not to wear a mask.
Columbia College and Social Gatherings and Social Distancing There are no restrictions in place at the college.
Columbia College Proof of Vaccination and Screening Policy Although Columbia College does not require full Covid-19 vaccination or disclosure of vaccination status to attend on-campus, being vaccinated is strongly recommended.
Columbia College Lock Door Protocols Columbia College will unlock the main door in the building 802 admin building during regular office hours. Due to the low number of individuals expected to return in other buildings at this time, Building 4, 805, 803, and 801 will remain locked until further notice.
Exceptions to Protocols Each department will conduct their own health and safety risk assessment and review whether COVID-19 vaccination protocols will remain as part of that program's admission or practicum requirements following March 1st. This will be determined by reviewing guidelines from a program’s governing or accreditation body, as well as the expectations from the industry that will be providing practicum placements.
Hand Sanitizer Hand sanitizer will continue to be available inside on entry to the College, and departments, on the first table in each classroom, and in common areas
Self Assessment We ask that you self-assess symptoms before coming to the college. If you are feeling unwell, please stay home and follow the current Alberta Health Isolation requirements here.

We have been eagerly awaiting to have employees and students back on campus. In other cases, we have introduced new virtual delivery models and services that are expected to continue to evolve. We will be reviewing carefully the plan to have staff and students back onsite for each department. This plan will be looked at for each individual department and with caution to ensure that we continue to move forward in a considerate and safe environment in a non-disruptive way for students and their learning.

The Employee Vaccination Policy will continue at this time and is currently under review.

Please note, as future environmental factors change, it may demand changes to how we work together and deliver our services. Be assured, the health and safety of our College community will remain a top priority. Columbia College community members are expected to be supportive and respectful to those choosing to wear a mask after it is no longer mandatory. With these precautions, and a highly vaccinated community, we believe that our campus will remain to be a safe place to work and learn.

Thank you for your continued patience and ongoing kindness to one another.

Covid Committee Columbia College

Campus face coverings protocol

Starting Aug. 17th 2020, you will be required to wear face coverings in all Columbia College indoor public areas such as hallways, washrooms, and elevators. You are not required to wear a face-covering in your office unless it is a public-facing area. In classrooms, students can remove face coverings once seated, and as long as they maintain a two-meter distance from others. Visitors to campus are also required to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces on campus.

Exceptions to face-covering use in indoor public spaces at the college are while eating, drinking. Columbia College protocols for public spaces reflect the guidelines of the Province and the City, and are subject to change as the fluid COVID-19 situation evolves.

Columbia College Mandatory Mask Protocols - Updated August 20, 2020


Self-Screening Questionnaire

All adults entering Columbia College must assess themselves prior to coming into any of the buildings​ and must not enter if they answer yes to any of the questions on the ​​​​self-screening form​. Please note that visitors will have their temperature taken when screened at the College. If you have a temperature at or above 37.8 degrees you will be considered as having a fever and will not be allowed to enter the buildings.

COVID-19 info for Albertans

Actions, updated information, and resources for Albertans to help protect and prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

Accessibility Services

If you have questions about medical accommodations as it relates to COVID-19, the Accessibility Services area can support you.


To establish guidelines that will help reduce COVID-19 transmission risks for staff and faculty who prepare and consume meals and beverages on campus. Meal preparation and eating areas have potential to be a source of transmission.

Pandemic Relaunch - Additional Documents Glossary

Additional Columbia College Pandemic relaunch documents are available to review. Please ensure that you are kept aware with the most recent updates, and reach out to your Department leaders if you have further questions.