A great number of adults become nervous and start to question themselves when they think about going to college. Some of these adults have unpleasant memories from previous school experiences. Some worry that they have been out of school too long and will not do well. These are not unusual feelings. Many of us have these and other feelings which tend to hold us back. Each of us has the choice of running or facing these challenges.

One of the reasons Columbia College was established was to help diverse adult learners overcome their fears. We know your fears are real and will do our best to help you overcome them. We are here to listen to you, to support you, and help you overcome any fears you have. We will not belittle, insult, or embarrass you. We will treat you with respect while helping you reach goals you may have thought were impossible.

Our faculty and staff have helped thousands of adults with limited confidence when they came to us. Each of them learned just how capable they truly were. We have seen their confidence grow, and watched them achieve the education they desired that enabled them to truly change their lives.

We are proud of this unique college and the special relationships we have built with our students. We are very proud of the success some 90 percent of our students have achieved. We also know that success does not just happen. It takes commitment, determination, and lots of work. One of the keys successful people have learned is how to apply themselves. You, too, can be successful!

Are you ready to overcome your fears? Are you ready to work with us as partners in your education? Are you ready for a better future? Please contact us today! We are here to help you succeed.