Columbia College focuses on continuous improvement and because of this, we survey our students after each course they complete, as well as at the end of their program. Below, please find some of the thoughts shared about various faculty members. If a faculty member is not listed, this could be due to the fact that we do not currently have survey responses for them or we are in the process of updating it.

College Prep

Stimpson, Geoff; Assistant Manager; BEd (Acadia University); BA (Hons) (Trent University)

I like about my facilitator he gives me enough time to practice.

Everything his ability to help me think and grow as a individual.

Geoff math and science interesting and easy to learn. He is passionate about his subjects which makes them a lot easier to understand and even love and enjoy. He is knowledgeable, skillful and passionate about his work makes the classes productive, effective and efficient.



Alsherbiny, Roba – BA (Ain Shams University); MEd (Calgary University); CELTA (University of Cambridge)

Took the time to ensure that everyone understood the topic. Would explain in several different ways. Extremely friendly and approachable. Excelled my knowledge really enjoyed the class.

My facilitator was the best. I never feel board at the class. She explained really well. The course was helpful. I improved my English and my writing a lot.

The facilitator is very respectful and understanding. Works well with the students. Gives meaningful feedback on assignments.


Hummel, Jana – Master of Arts in English Literature (National University) | Master of Arts in Teaching (National University) | Certificate in Secondary Education (University of Hawaii) | BA in Political Science (University of Hawaii)

The program was very helpful since I was able to learn new vocabulary, to correct spelling mistakes. The facilitator was very encouraging and willing to help us.

She is very friendly and well instructed. She made her lessons really interesting. I was very impressed with her sense of humor and knowledge.

The course is good and informative, the same as the facilitator who works hard for us to understand the whole content of the said course.



Academic Upgrading

Andrews, Tonalee; Facilitator; Bachelor of Education / Bachelor of Arts (English) (University of Calgary)

Tonalee is very interactive and kind to students. She is very understanding but lays out acceptable expectations. She is probably the best English teacher I’ve had! She is also very inclusive of other cultures and has been sensitive to current events and incorporates these things appropriately into lessons. As an Indigenous student, I appreciate this.

I wish I had more chances to be her student. It was such an amazing opportunity being in her class ... She is one of the best teachers I have ever met. Thank you so much for the great ways of teaching. Her methods of teaching turned long months of study into just a short week of school. It felt like my semesters of upgrading was just one week. Thank you Tonalee for making it such a blessing and helping me with steps for my future goals and successes.


McCaskill, Karen; Facilitator; Bachelor of Education (University of Calgary)

I like the way she teach and explain something is I do not understand. In addition, I like the way she treats everyone equally and her personality. She is friendly and easy going person.

I like my facilitator because she is friendly and also she explains very good. If you didn't understand she took time to explain to you.

She has a special methodology.  She teaches with passion.

Karen makes lessons better.  Everyone in class understands.



Employment Training 

Bottomley, Heather; Facilitator; Bachelor of Education (University of Calgary)

She is, without any doubt, the most patient and dedicated English teacher I have ever had.  She always motivates us to improve with positive feedback.  She is always happy and ready to help us.

She is a good teacher. She is a kind teacher and friendly. She is an open-heart person, so I really like my teacher.


Francis, Barbara; Facilitator; Bachelor of Education, Secondary English (University of Calgary)
My facilitator knows how to share her knowledge with others. I have never met a facilitator like Barb. She respects all the students the same.


Obenauer, Sherry; Facilitator; Masters of Education (University of Calgary); Bachelor of Education (University of Calgary); MA (University of Waterloo); Bachelor of Arts (University of Calgary)

She is a very professional, hardworking and helpful person. She always comes on time. She prepares the agenda in three ways. She is flexible, motivational and a co-operative teacher. The way she explains topics is really amazing. I really enjoyed my class only because of her. Thank you Sherry.

Sherry taught very well and clearly so I understood and gave lots of class time to work on that, I really liked that. When she teaches, it's lots of fun and I don't feel bored. Thank you Sherry you are a wonderful teacher. I will miss you next semester.

My teacher is very nice. She is very helpful. She gave me lots of helpful feedback and gave me lots of energy. She explains everything very nicely. Thank you very much Sherry.

She is an amazing teacher.  She always encourages me.  She is the best teacher I have ever had.

Miss Sherry, you are an amazing teacher. I have learned so much from you. You are the best teacher I ever had. I will miss you a lot. Thank you so much

Alberta Basic Security Training

Copple, Peter; Canadian Police College; BA (University of Calgary, 1987)
Peter is respectful and engaging and provided a balance of course material and what to expect on the job.  He is not only entertaining and interesting to listen to, but he challenged people to be their best and to deeply understand what was being taught.

Super interesting and Peter has experience that really complimented the course well.

He is a good teacher, he explained very well and demonstrated with examples.

Dental Assistant Professional Diploma

Parkson, Dana; Program Chair, RDA (SAIT); Adult Educator Series (Mount Royal University)
I love how she relates everything to the real world and she is able to reference scenarios that she is still practicing at her current office. She is so patient and kind to all of us. I feel like I am graded very equal through her eyes.

Dana is one of the most helpful people that I have met. She wants you to succeed and work your hardest to achieve your goals.

She is always so kind and willing to explain / teach anything you may have a questions on. Demonstrates well her love and passion for this career. Sets a positive vibe in clinic.


Gagnon-Wardill, Micheline; Social Sciences Diploma (Dawson College); Adult Learning Certificate (University of Calgary); RDA (SAIT)
Micheline is very lively and enthusiastic about what she teaches and always has a smile on her face.

She is always enthusiastic and happy.  She is also very friendly and willing to help with any questions you may have.  Overall, I like her very much!

Always has an activity to help us to better understand what she is teaching.


Briske, Joanne; RDA (NAIT)
Clear, concise and articulate demonstrations. Calm, relaxing environment, yet professional and punctual.

Joanne was awesome at teaching today. Made a very intimidating atmosphere less scary. I was able to leave this course confident in my abilities.

Joanne was fantastic. Very enthusiastic and made learning fun and enjoyable.


Coburn, Brooke;
She was a previous student so easy to relate.

She is understanding and polite.

Brook is very knowledgeable & presents information in an easy to understand format. Very kind, great teacher.


Cronan, Lisa; RDA (SIAST Wascana)
Lisa is an absolute delight to be around. Very caring and helpful. Genuine lady. Wants you to succeed.

Lisa is so patient and has tolerated our crazy learning very well. It must take a lot of deep breathing.

Very helpful and patient, ensures students fully understand what they are doing and why.


Kroll, Maralee; Health Information Management Diploma (Canadian Health Care Association, 2015- present); Adult Educator Series (Mount Royal University); RDA (KDM)
Maralee was very straight to the point and if we had any questions, she provided information in a way we could understand.

Knowledgeable, experienced, able to answer all qusestions with patience.  Corrects you when you need, allowing you to do things correctly!

Clinical course was awesome.  Very intellectual and explained the procedure very well.  A few of my doubts were cleared by her.  So very thankful for Maralee.


Larsen, Penny; RDA (Columbia College, 2001); Adult Educator Series (Mount Royal University, 2019)
Always a pleasure learning from Penny.  I appreciate her demonstrating skills and also demonstrating other ways skills are done in various offices.

Penny knows her stuff and is very lovely!  Love her!

Penny explained all topics taught to us in a manner that was easy enough to understand but still informative.


Savino-Bergen, Gina; Adult Educator Series (Mount Royal University); RDA (SAIT)
Patient with students and is very understanding.

Extremely passionate about what she does, it is refreshing.

Gina is very knowledgeable. Gives good pep talks and motivational.


Sparks, Charlene; RDA (SAIT)
Nice and very professional.

The facilitator is extremely mindful and helpful to each and every one. I got quick response from her. Everyone is nice to each other.

Her calm and stable manner, and well demonstrated patience.

Health Care Programs

Burns, Sharron; Program Chair; PhD (Oxford University, 2013); MSc (Oxford University, 2003); BA (Oxford University, 1999) RN, BSc (Oxford University, 1997)
I enjoyed listening to Sharron's past life experiences related to nursing they are very interesting and helpful. Sharron has a lot of meaningful stories to share and knowledge regarding nursing practice. Sharron also has great advice to give.

Sharron is the epitome of grace. She has taught us the importance of being kind while using the elements of nursing theory. Sharron reiterated the necessary information until the entire class had a thorough understanding. She supported each student to share knowledge and experience openly. This course begins the important process of critical thinking and applying its concepts is challenging, this challenge is an important process.

She is the kind of nurse / teacher I aspire to be. I love that she never lost the compassion and care for each and every person she meets.


Ritu, Sidhu; Practical Nurse Diploma (Sprott Shaw Community College, 2009)
Ritu is very knowledgeable and makes sure to have good debates and discussions with everyone.

Ritu made a difficult course easy to understand.

I loved how respectful she is and her happy and bubbly personality!  She made class enjoyable and made a great deal of effort each class.  She wants everyone to succeed.


Shrestha, Manju; Diploma in Nursing (Mount Royal University, 2013)
Manju is a very intelligent, educated teacher. Her educational and clinical experiences gave clarity and influence to her topic and meaning.

She is a very nice lady, I could tell her that she wants the best for her students by supporting us.

The facilitator was very nice and engaging she demonstrated a supportive attitude throughout the course.


Smith, Francesca; Practical Nurse Diploma (Alberta Vocational College, 1975)
Francesca is a wonderful facilitator and a fantastic person. I appreciate how committed is to give us a good experience in all her labs.

Francesca is the best facilitator that we can wish for. The willing skills she taught us are the base skills for the nurses and we will need then for the test of our course.

She is punctual, facilitates teaching well by asking questions, one on one evaluation and extra teaching time whenever she notice any weakness in an area or skills. She is patient with the students.

English as a Second Language

Aldosary, Majed; BEd Teaching English as a foreign language (King Saud University, Riyadh, 1999)
My facilitator is very good and kind. He helps us when we need hos help or something we don't understand. He makes our class fun and really enjoy with him. He gives us clear instructions and push me to improve my English.

I think Majed is a very good teacher. He is always friendly. For us very helpful, listening and respect everybody. His teaching very clear and understandable. He is always ready for any question comes to him.

My facilitator is a good person, respectful, organized, and dynamic. My facilitator understands me and encourages me to learn. My facilitator uses different ways to assess me.


Luqman, Fatima; BA (University of Calgary); BEd (University of Calgary); ACE TESOL Certificate (Mount Royal University)
She is nice facilitator. Help me to understand more words, strategies learn. Fatima always use different way to teach. Fatima has charter and respected everyone. I am so happy to Fatima my teacher in this course.

I like to come to school to learn and to see my facilitator Fatima she is a very good person. I have learned too much in this semester. Fatima taught us a lot and I felt like I am family here. She support us and teach us. I love my facilitator.

Explains the information easily and clear.


Pearson, Joel; BEd. (University of Calgary, 1996)
Joel is one of the best teachers I ever met in Columbia College. We all know that Columbia College has a good staff of facilitators. He cares about everyone in the class. In addition he gives us useful information.

My facilitator has a high level knowledge. I am really lucky to be his student.

Joel is the perfect teacher. He is big professional. His class motivate me to study English. He gave me wings.


Schuler, Candace; Permanent Professional Teaching Certification (Alberta Education, 2011) BEd (University of Alberta, 2009); CERTESL Certification (University of Saskatchewan, 2005); Master of Fine Arts – Theatre Design (University of Victoria, 1996); Master of Fine Arts – Painting, Drawing, Sculpture (University of Edmonton, 1994); Bachelor of Fine Arts – Fine Arts and Theatre Design (University of Saskatchewan, 1992); Interior Design Diploma (Mount Royal, 1978)
My facilitator is good person. I love her, she teach me how I am doing, and she use returns test. She come on time to class. I love her so much.

My facilitator is kind.

I like your patience and your dedication.


Sifuentes, Leah; BA (Ambrose University, 2004)
Positive person, encourages all the students to practice. Encourages students to ask if they don't understand. Thank you so much Leah.

I like my facilitator she made the class fun and make me to come every day. She help me to be myself.

My dear and respected facilitator Leah is very kind to me. She has a very unique method of teaching. Her way of teaching is very effective and impressive. I am very happy to her and proud to her she is my teacher.


Slimm, Robert; BA Leadership and Ministry (Alberta Bible College, 2014); TESL Certificate (Northmount Institute, 2013)
He is an excellent teacher, he has patience, teaches very good. He knows what he does.

He is kind, very good teacher. Help me when I need and listens to me. Give me useful homework.

He is really good teacher. He is doing his best to make sure everyone understands in class. He is so kind to everyone.


Wiebe, Heather; CERTESL (University of Saskatchewan, 2006), B.Ed. (University of Regina, 1995)
She is a perfect teacher she is very punctual. She always starts class on time. She is prepared well for class. She works on approval pace, neither quick r slow. Her time management is excellent. She creates interest among students for class. She is also very soft spoken and answer every question asked by students in best way and always satisfied students. She is awesome teacher.

I really like everything when she shows her interest and involve all the students in the task. Explain each and every subject clearly and also understand you and your ability.

Heather is professional and organized facilitator. She cares about all students and gives a value information, also the way that she treats us is always with respect.

Heather is the best teacher. I am so grateful. She teaches us with positivity and encourages us to learn more.


Wilson, Drinda; TESOL Diploma (Prairie Graduate School); BEd – Secondary Education, History major, Fine Arts Minor (University of Calgary)
She is wonderful teacher and person.

I like about my facilitator when she explain everything clearly.

I like the way she teaches us in class. She is excellent teacher.

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)

Aghammadova, Farida; MA in Education Administration (University of Nebraska, 2007), MA in Teaching English as a Second Language (University of Foreign Languages Azerbaijan)
She speaks very clearly and she helps everyone in class. She supports her idea and shares her experience about the topic she talks about.

She is very positive in class. She is friendly. She makes us work. She make the class fun and interesting. You can see that she enjoys her work. She always tries to help. She is a great teacher.

She is kind and respect encourages our class to learn more.


Best, Simon; MA Applied Linguistics University of Nottingham February 2018, BA – Ancient History (University of Reading, UK, 1993), Certificate in International Business English Training (CertIBET) Trinity College London / theconsultants-e, Nov 2010, Cambridge DELTA, December 2005 International House Budapest / British Council Baku
He is so friendly and helpful. He answers all our concerns. He tries to push us so we can become better in English.

I have been in LINC program for almost 2 years I can say that Simon is the best teacher I have had in all levels. His teaching methods is wonderful. In addition the strategy that he uses to become the class more dynamic is fantastic. I think he is a great person to teach CLB7.

He is an excellent teacher. Also he had great way in teaching. I really appreciate his job because he encourages me to learn English more and more.

The facilitator always respect all students in the classroom. This is one of encouragement to learn English, and he also allow cultural diversity.


Biickert, Tammy; BA – Applied Linguistics, TESL (University of Victoria, 1995)
She always have a good energy and happy.

I love her teaching way. When she is teaching us she is giving with example. I learned lots from her.

She is a good teacher, she explain and understand the people.


Bishop, Lena; MA in TESL (University of Calgary, 2014); TESL Canada Professional Certificate Standard Level Three (2014); CELTA (Cambridge, 2008)
I learned a lot from my teacher.  She speaks clearly and uses different ways to teach us.  Also, she give us helpful homework.

I just love her.  The way she teaches and explains every detail.  I learned a lot from her, especially grammar.  She tries her best to explain each and every detail.  She give us very useful information and examples during her teaching.

Good knowledge of English, focuses on what we need.  Always uses examples and is well prepared for class.  I love her.


Bounil, Tracy; BA (University of Manitoba, 1996), ACE TESOL Certificate from Mount Royal, 2013

My facilitator begins class on time. She helps me when I need it. She gives us useful homework. Her way of teaching is good. She speaks clearly. She writes difficult words on the board.

She is a good facilitator. I like her attitude. She has a positive attitude. I like that she is a good person for people. She is friendly and kind. She is good.

I like a lot of things. First of all, she is very nice and treats me respectfully. Second, she teaches us in different ways. She gives a lot of time for practice.


Dabreo, Jeff; BA, BA – English and Political Science (University of Calgary, 2000)
His teaching method, his respect for everyone, he listens to students, he is understanding and he is the best teacher.

He is smart and able to find an approach for any student and explain the topic from different angles so that we understand.

Jeff is a good teacher, he is resourceful and friendly.  He respects everyone in the class and he understands our needs in English.



Davidson, Corrie; MA – TESOL (Trinity Western University, 2015)
I like my teacher always no stress, relax, don't push me. i like all things from her. She is a good teacher. I am pleasure of study in her class.

I really like my teacher. She is very competent, fair and patiently. She very helped me to improve my English skills.

What I like about my facilitator is that she use to teach me, very clearly, understandable, she encourages us, give us homework to work so that we can improve our English.


De Carle, Terese; BA English/Psychology (University of Saskatchewan, 1993), TESL Certificate (University of Saskatchewan, 1999)
Due to COVID-19, Columbia College is temporarily closed and changed to online education. This was my first time participating in online English learning. I am very lucky to meet you. You are one of the best teachers who I know. There are many good points what I should learn from you, such as kindness, humor, and patience. You usually share interesting stories with us. In a relaxed learning atmosphere, I have improved my English skill, especially listening. I would also like to thank Columbia College for providing us with an online education platform, which makes the days of “stay home” meaningful.

My facilitator is a very good teacher I liked everything with her especially she have many ways for teaching me and she is a very polite women and very nice and understanding.

My facilitator is really helpful to my classmates. She is really nice and positive. Sometimes I lose my confidence about my speaking and listening, but she always encourages me. I really appreciated my teacher.

I like that she is always positive. Always gives me energy to learn. Really she is great teacher.


Gregory, Poirier; Master’s Degree TEFL/TESL (University of Birmingham, England, 2004)
Fun class, speaks clearly, classes are well organized and is patient and respects everyone.

Our facilitator is clear, friendly and doing his best to help us be better.

He gives classes clearly.  What he taught is easy to accept.  I can learn a lot from him.  Moreover, he is humorous in his classes.


Katsnelson, Diana; MEd TESL (University of Calgary (2018 ), ACE TESOL Certificate (2012), BA English (University of Calgary, 2007)
I like her method of reading warm-up and activities.  She thinks and makes changes to encourage us.  The selection of topics is very interesting and controversial, which helps us to organize our ideas.  I like that she offers personalized advice to us, thinking what is most convenient for us.  I love her flexibility and how she shows us examples of pronunciation/vocabulary.

My teacher Diana is always prepared for the day, so we won't have "nothing" to do.  Also, she puts a variety of lessons, like quizzes, watching videos and group discussions, etc.  I only know Diana in this school, but I do know of her professionalism and effort as a teacher to make our school days efficient and grow our ability.

Diana is a friendly, nice teacher.  She helps me a lot, not only with study problems but also with problems coming into my life.


Kennedy, Lori: BA in English (Memorial University, 2015), MEd-TEAL Educational Research Language and Literacy (University of Calgary, 2018), Permanent TESL Canada Certificate Standard Three (TESL Canada, 2019)
She is professional and teaching step by step. She speaks clearly and teaches the useful topic in class, so that I can use in daily life.

I like, speaks clearly, gives us enough time, her advice for us to be better, her love for Canada makes us love Canada more and we understand it is laws more. I think she is a professional.

Treat everyone with respect. She explains the lesson very well. She speaks clearly if we don't understand the lesson she explains it again. She reviews things I have learned in the class.


Lemon, Sarah; M.Ed. Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development (University of Toronto, 2016), BA Psychology (Simon Fraser University, 2006)
I like her helps me. She explains very good every day and on all subjects. She is very friendly and available for the students.

Her class is lively and enjoyable.

I have been with several teachers and personally for me she is the best teacher. Thanks Sarah Lemon.


Mahoney, Brian; BA (special) (University of Alberta, 1984)
I like his method of teaching, motivates the students.  He uses a variety of teaching activities, I like it.

My facilitator teaches this level very well and I like the way he does it.  Every day or week he gives us useful information, good vocabulary and how to use it.

Honestly, I like the way he taught us.  He focuses on everything we need, not only in the class but in our daily life.  He teaches us every single thing we need at this level.  I want to thank him a lot.

Human Services Professional Diploma


Kris McNab, Program Director; Bachelor of Education, Master of Teaching Program, University of Calgary
His ability to reach each of us and ensure every topic is well understood.

I am not a fan of the history subject but when he included it in our topic, it was very interesting to know and learn more about.

A humble person, honest and professional.  I like his class.


Norris, Brittany; BSc – Psychology (University of Calgary, 2009); MSc – Psychology (Capella University, 2013)
Definitely knows what's she is talking about. Showed us how to do impressions real life.

Brittany is very knowledgeable and has a great way of explaining things.

She is great teacher and knows her material and presented all content with a high level of knowledge.


Sage Pullen McIntosh, MA Professional Communication; Royal Roads University
She is very professional and literally shows genuine interest in students.

Clear tone while communicating with students.

Sage is a very experienced individual with a lot of valuable information to share.


Getiro, David, MA – Sociology (University of Calgary, 2006)

David is an experienced and knowledgeable facilitator. He knows what is he discusses. Explains good points and information is the class. He is not also boring, happy to have him as our facilitator every Saturday for 8 hours.

He is well informed and inclusive with great teaching skills. Handing out assignments to class to go over and gives feedback which makes students know what to work on.

He knows his stuff, and well informed about the program. Gives constructive feedback on assignments.


Angie Jones, M.Ed. Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies; University of Calgary
Comes to class early to prepare for the day class. From the way she teaches she knows what she is doing and knows her stuff. She uses examples and case studies for student to have better understanding of the course.

She listen to the students and adjust her teaching method to suite our learning needs.

She had ton of knowledge about this course and had great amount of resource to show us. By doing activities really help us doing practical work, which I think is most important.


Angela Parsons, M.A. Counselling Psychology; Adler School of Psychology
She makes class fun and informative at the same time.

She is respectful, approachable and a good listener.  Very courteous and conducts herself with maturity.  She is consistent and shows deep knowledge and passion for her subject.  Angela - you are amazing!

She's very approachable, warm, and nice and listens actively.  She delivers the less smooth content with understanding that it is complex.  I was very committed to attending her classes.  Her experiences were very useful.

Demonstrate clear knowledge and expertise.  Helped make the course content very easy to understand.


Education Assistant Certificate


Kris McNab, Program Director; Bachelor of Education, Master of Teaching Program, University of Calgary

Went above and beyond to help us understand the heavy content on this course. Used many different methods to help us try to retain information.

There is a lot to memorize. Lots of gems to learn but less time to assimilate. Kris is a wonderful facilitator, a patient teacher.

He wants us to learn the concepts, not just finish the assignments and submit it.


Angie Jones, M.Ed. Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies; University of Calgary
She's fantastic, very kind.  I liked all of the resources, materials and books she handed to us to support the course.  Also, she did a variety of activities.

She is one of the best, very sweet and warm and welcoming.


Angie has an amazing aura and inspired individuals.


Claudia Garcia Sasse, M.Ed. Curriculum and Pedagogy; University of Alberta
Her knowledge and professionalism, many hands on activities, her experience is very valuable, which she always shares and gives lots of examples.  I like her enthusiasm when delivering the lessons.  Also, she gave us lots of ideas, websites and advice when looking for a job.

Claudia makes the class fun and informative at the same time.  She uses different strategies to help us become successful EA's in the future.

Claudia is highly educated. Her patience and understanding has been of great support. She equally has been a great counselor. I have had a great experience having her as my teacher. Please keep her. Thank you so much.


Sage Pullen McIntosh, MA Professional Communication; Royal Roads University
She is very professional and literally shows genuine interest in students.

Clear tone while communicating with students.

Sage is a very experienced individual with a lot of valuable information to share.


Kennedy, Lori: BA in English (Memorial University, 2015), MEd-TEAL Educational Research Language and Literacy (University of Calgary, 2018), Permanent TESL Canada Certificate Standard Three (TESL Canada, 2019)

She has a lot of knowledge, knows what she is doing and always comes prepared.

She is knowledgeable and kind and explains things many times until they are clear for everyone.

She knows what to do and is always prepared for the class.


Andrew Casali, BA Linguistics & B.Ed.; Calgary Board of Education
Has deep knowledge and command of the subject.  Really passionate about his work, has a professional attitude and strong work ethic.  Friendly, supportive, flexible and kind.  Also approachable.  Very informative class, engaging and fun. He is awesome!

A good listener, approachable, engaging, focus on collaboration, adaptable, values real world learning, high expectations of his students, always well prepared, funny but decent at the same time.  Overall, he is the best teacher.

He brings out the best in us.  I have been always nervous about presentations but he made the environment very comfortable so that you for that.