The Income Earning Advantage

Columbia’s professional programs have a distinct earning advantage over programs in most traditional institutions. Columbia College’s professional programs take less time to complete than similar programs at most educational institutions. This means that graduates from Columbia College can be earning an income months ahead of counterparts from similar programs at most traditional institutions. Because our students are able to start at multiple times throughout the year and graduate sooner, they can enter the workforce sooner. As a result, Columbia’s graduates may start earning an income months before students from other colleges complete their programs. This gives them an earning advantage that can amount to thousands and thousands of dollars.


For many of Columbia College’s programs, our tuition is equal to or less than similar programs in public institutions. This means you have the advantage of attending a private college where the focus is on accelerated learning with personal attention and assistance while still paying the same tuition as if you attended a public institution.

For some programs, our tuition is higher. For these programs the total cost is still generally less because you attend school for less time and may begin working sooner than you would at other institutions. These programs also offer beneficial student-instructor ratios that provide much more assistance with your learning and success.