ADMN101 Office Procedures I
Hours: 39 Credits: 3.0

This course is designed to introduce the student to the various procedures used in an office setting. Topics may include: telephone technologies and services, electronic web and print mail, keying and formatting documents for processing, human resource management, customer service principles, and interpersonal and social/soft skills. Prerequisites: None

INTE 101 Computer Skills Level I
Hours: 39 Credits: 3.0

This course is designed to be an introduction to basic computer skills, email software, and the Internet. Topics may include learning about computer file structure, creating folders, computer maintenance and security, and learning effective ways to navigate around and work with a computer. Topics for email software may include creating and sending emails, setting up appointments, booking meetings, utilizing contacts, and email etiquette. Understanding how the Internet works, browsing the World Wide Web, internet security, utilizing search techniques, and understanding how to validate information found on the internet will also be covered. Students will also be tested on his/her typing skills including data entry 10 key with decimals at the beginning and end of the course. Students will be introduced to typing tutors and will be shown how to create and use a ‘Keyboarding Goal Planning Form’ that aligns with the expected keyboarding outcomes required for their career goal. This ‘Keyboarding Goal Planning Form’ will be used throughout the program. Prerequisite: None

COMM116 Professionalism, Communication and Employment I
Hours: 39 Credits: 3.0

This classroom-based course is designed to make the student aware of the appropriate professional attitudes and behaviours employers are seeking in their employees. The student may complete a motivation questionnaire, occupational personality inventory, and a team work assessment. Students, whose first language is not English, will be introduced to online resources that will help them improve their speaking skills. These students will be encouraged to spend personal time throughout this program improving their speaking skills. Further, the course will begin preparing students for their field-based work experience. This may include such topics as job search skills, the development of a resume and Professional Portfolio, and a review of the College’s Work Experience Agreement and related documents. Prerequisite: None

Computer Lab
Hours: 120

Students are provided three 2 hour open labs a week over the first 4 semesters to be engaged in further work relating to the program’s computer requirements and other electronic resources.

ADMN102 Office Procedures II
Hours: 39 Credits 3.0

This course is designed to continue introducing the student to common procedures found in the office setting. Topics may include: Records and Information Management (RIM), meetings/net/online meetings and event planning, travel arrangements, information/reference sources/internet/new technologies/the integrated office, computers: hardware and software. Prerequisites: ADMN101

INTE102 Computer Skills Level II
Hours: 39 Credits: 3.0

This course is designed to focus on Microsoft Word. Topics for Microsoft Word may include paragraph formatting, utilizing SmartArt graphics, working with tables, using the proofing options, creating a new document, inserting text boxes and graphics, character formatting, creating and working on research papers and longer documents including headers and footers, citations, bibliographies, and managing document properties. Particular focus may be put on what formatting tips and useful rules/guidelines can be used to create professional looking documents in a quick manner. There will also be an ongoing focus on increasing typing and data entry speed and accuracy with continued use of the online typing tutors and the Student’s individual ‘Keyboarding Goal Planning Form’. Prerequisite: INTE101

COMM117 Professionalism, Communication, and Employment II
Hours: 39 Credits: 3.0

This classroom-based course will continue to make the student aware of the appropriate professional attitudes and behaviours employers are seeking in their employees. This course will also focus additional attention on effective methods of communication. The student will spend additional time preparing for their field-based work experience. This may include such topics as interviewing techniques, career changes, and the identification of possible work experience employers. The student will also make their final preparation for their field-based work experience. This may include interviews with possible work experience employers and the signing of related contract. Prerequisite: COMM116

ADMN103 Office Procedures III
Hours: 39 Credits: 3.0

This course is designed to conclude the introduction of the student to common procedures found in the office setting. Topics may include: business forms and form design, coping processes, desktop publishing, postal and shipping services, financial management and math, technicalities of language and expression of language. Prerequisites: ADMN102

INTE103 Computer Skills Level III
Hours: 39 Credits: 3.0

This course will focus on Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Topics for Microsoft Excel may include navigating workbooks, creating worksheets, entering in data, formatting data, creating and using formulas and functions, creating and manipulating charts, working with excel tables and conditional formatting, and working within large workbooks utilizing multiple worksheets. The Microsoft PowerPoint topics may include creating a new presentation, adding pictures, formatting presentation, and applying slide transitions. Particular focus will be on showing students effective ways to create professional looking workbooks in a quick manner. Students will be expected to continue to advance their keyboarding and data entry skills on the online typing tutor by using their ‘Keyboarding Goal Planning Form’. Prerequisite: INTE102.

COMM118 Professionalism, Communication, and Employment III
Hours: 10 Classroom Credits: 6
160 Work Experience

This course will consist of weekly, two-hour Saturday classes that will enable the facilitator and students to identify workplace observations, issues, and challenges from their 160 hour field-based work experience. The intended outcomes would be a better understanding of the student’s challenges, roles, responsibilities, and duties in the workplace. Other topics would include a review of the employer evaluation form, the final preparation of the student’s Professional Portfolio, and job search activities. This work experience will give the student the opportunity to demonstrate, in a real work setting, they possess the relevant knowledge and skills, as well as essential attitudes, and behaviours employers are looking for in their new employees. The evaluation they receive from their work supervisor(s) may be added to their Professional Portfolio. They will also be able to list this experience on their resume as evidence to a future employer that they have both the relevant education and experience critical in obtaining employment. Students who perform very well on their work experience may receive a job offer; one or more references to add to their resume; and/or contact information that will enable them to network with other potential employers. They may also receive free job placement support from one of the staff recruitment companies with which Columbia College has developed a working relationship. Prerequisites: COMM117