Online Exams

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In order to complete your exam on line you are required to have a computer/laptop, camera, and microphone.  You will need to e-mail with a scanned copy of your Canadian government issued picture ID (ie: driver’s license) and proof of course completion prior to the exam in order to confirm eligibility to write the exam and verify your identity.

Registration and Payment

Exam fee must be paid 2 days prior to the exam.  For those individuals who have not completed Columbia College’s training, you will need to create an account at and confirm your account, as this is the site where the exam will take place.

Click on the registration form above and select whether you were a Columbia College student or Other Training Provider student; fill out the registration form and submit.  Payment needs to be made with a credit or credit/debit card.

Click here to see the Proctoring Schedule For Online exams.

Exam Session

The exam will be conducted through TEAMS; you will be sent an invitation that you will need to accept.  On the day of the exam, you will need to join the TEAMS meeting 15 minutes before the exam starts. The exam session will be recorded and the recorded session may be submitted to the Solicitor General’s office upon request.

Upon completion of your exam, you will be e-mailed your results within 24 hrs. after the exam closes.  Upon passing with 80% or better, you will be eligible to apply for your license.

Exam Writer Responsibilities

This outlines the roles and responsibilities that each individual will follow in regards to the Alberta Basic Security Training Provincial Exam.

  1. ID: All examinees must email the following at least 1 day prior to the exam:
    1. Picture ID that has their full name and address listed on it for verification of identity and proof of course completion
  2. Arrival: All examinees must login to the exam website and TEAMS 15 minutes before the exam starts; once the exam starts there will be no admittance for late arrivals.
  3. Preparedness:  Examinees must come prepared to write their exam
  4. Cheating: As per section 9.6.1 of the SSIA Policy Manual, any individual caught cheating on a provincial examination will be ineligible for licensing under the Security Services and Investigators Act. (No use of electronic devices or notes during exam; do not ask others to help you or offer help to others during the exam)
  5. Examination Review: An examinee may request a review of their examination grade if they believe the grade is inappropriate or inaccurate. Requests for review must be made, in writing within 30 days of being notified of the failing grade, and state the date, time, location and training provider. Only the examinee may submit a request for review.


Submit requests for review to:

Registrar, SSIA
Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security
10th Floor, 10365-97 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 3W7

Fax: 780-427-4670

The Registrar may assign the exam to a third party reviewer. The reviewer will make a recommendation to the Registrar to maintain or change the grade. The Registrar will issue a written decision to the individual requesting the review.

If the Registrar’s decision alters the grade originally issued, the Registrar may: issue or rescind a Training Certificate; and issue or rescind a SSIA licence issued as a result of that Training Certificate.

The Registrar’s decision is final.