Excerpts from Students’ Journals

Abdikarim Ahmed

I learned typing this week. It’s a new skill that will help me in the future to type constantly and effectively. It improved my ability for typing. I also learned some idioms and their meanings. I use them in the conversations in school or outside school. They helped me a lot. They also have improved my speaking skills much more.[…]

Farough Valizadehghozlou

What I learned this week…Who is bloggers? What are they doing? Are they someone important for our life? What is the difference between bloggers and journalists? Now I have answers and ideas about them. Always knowing something new about something around me can make my feel happy. In addition, I learned how to create a blog and how I can keep it for long time for myself.[…]

Assia Hadjou

We started a new Unit which I find very interesting. I really like the “science” topic. I learned how our brains function. It’s fascinating how the right hemisphere controls the present moment and reflects the big picture and main ideas while the left hemisphere controls past and future thoughts, connects the internal with the external. Using a language adds more details to the big picture.[…]

Xianpeng Zhao

I learned the writing process this week. I think pre-writing is very important because I can develop the main idea and supporting details based on it. I like “clustering” technique; it can illustrate ideas vividly. […] Writing a reflective journal is also of much importance to develop academic writing- if you want to write well, you should begin by writing a reflective journal![…]