What our students/graduates have to say


We at Columbia College believe it is important to share information with others about our College and those who attend it. We also want to share information about those who work at the College, advise us, receive services from us, and are associated with us. As a result we created this Release Form and request your written authorization to share what you provide.

Information shared below may include your name, the program you are associated with, and if relevant, your program status. You may also provide your employment status, position and organization. Finally, you may provide your relationship with Columbia, picture(s), video, voice interviews, and any relevant comment(s) or statement(s) made by you.

We may share all or portions of the information you provide below with the general public, businesses, employers, and potential, current or graduate students. We may also share with our Board of Advisors, elected officials, government personnel and other interested individuals.

Sharing of information may come in the form of news releases, our web site, other websites, articles, pamphlets, brochures, info advertisements, newsletters, calendar, or our view book. We may include it in advertisements, displays, and other activities that allow us to promote the College to those we feel would be interested.

Student/Graduate Comments

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